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Aaron Kershaw

CEO/Photographer and Production Director
I took my first photo at age 12, I remember my JR. HS used an old bathroom as our darkroom. In HS - Media Center and Broadcast Production was my new obsession, the moving image, ENG production. I was fortunate enough to develop the skills for, and love of, The Perfectly Framed Subject. DOF - Lighting; ah that moment!
Now many years and 10's of thousands of photos and feet of film later. I find DSLR photography as exhilarating as when I was 12 in the converted Bathroom/Darkroom.
Combining my Nikon with my Panasonic 4K gives me more control and ability to tell a story or capture your moment with vivid realism and passion. I can set up in any indoor or outdoor location.
I am a shooter, I maximize a moment in time to achieve the desired outcome; for more than 25 years...
Let my passion meet your needs, what can I produce for you?
Notable Achievements:
Decorated US Marine, Gulf War Veteran, served in Iraq, 1991.
8 years Host/Producer - On The Inside Radio ProgramWVOX AM/WRTN FM
Awarded Certificate of Achievement by NYS Senator Spano
Received numerous certificates from Local Chambers of Commerce's