Now Offering 4K Video, I can provide coverage for any event. Using professional UHD and HD DSLR equipment. 

  •   Web Videos 
  •   Explainer Videos
  •   Behind the Scenes
  •   Business Intro/Profile
  •   Conferences
  •   Corporate Events
  •   Motion Graphics  
  •   Speeches & Presenters
  •   Landing Page Videos
  •   Real Estate Showcase
  •   Social media videos
  •   School Events/Plays
  •   Video for Non-profits
  •   Product Demos
  •   Promotional Videos
  •   Event Montage
  •   Focus Groups
  •   Multi-camera Interview
  •   Client Testimonials
  •   Training Videos
  •   Tutorials & How-To
  •   TV Commercials

Aaron w/Steadycam & Panasonic 4K Shooting a Web Video for an autobody shop in New Rochelle

Whether you need photographer or Videographer - One price list covers everything.


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Step 1. Coverage 

  How long is your event/production?

Hourly + FREE Travel **

Build your own production

‡ Certain dates (weekends especially) based on availability & demand.

Daily + FREE Travel ** †

For short-term productions

Monday Discount

On a budget? Do it Monday.

Multi-Day Dedicated ‡

For long-term productions

‡ One of our videographers will be dedicated to your project for multiple days, up to 10 hours each day. Must provide at least a 1-hour lunch break on days longer than 7 hours.

** Includes travel to a single location within 20 miles of Harrison, NY. Additional locations within 2 miles are complimentary. Additional locations over 2 miles and less than 40 miles are $59 each. Does not include parking/cover fees.  † Event coverage over 6.25 hours must provide a vendor meal. Production customers must allow for a 1-hour lunch break, no meal required.


Step 2. Optional Customizations

If you're not sure — skip this step.

Editing Rates

Standard events


Advanced Add-ons

Add to any project

1 Daylight balanced. 2 Requires script 72-hours prior to filming. 3 May require additional setup time. 4 Button down long-sleeve shirt with dress pants.

Production Add-ons

Production / advanced orders


Requires additional setup. Scriptwriting, ideation, storyboarding, and talent casting are billed as our full-day consulting rate of $459 per day, or $1,899 per week. This rate is not divisible.

Need help? Call our videography team (914) 510-7010

You can email us about pricing too. Choose the easiest method of contact for you.

  • Affordable Pricing.

    Our Freelancers are paid by job, so we can't negotiate/
    discount prices. Don't worry though — we have some
    of the most competitive rates available.

  • Coverage Time.

    Please remember that coverage is time-based billing
     — from start-time to end-time. You may create multiple coverage times to save money.

  • Length of Footage.

    Please keep in mind that video will be shorter than
    coverage time — unless the event is non-stop, continuous (e.g., presentations, ceremonies, speeches).

  • Multiple Videographers.

    We have a team available for handling small to mid-
    sized video productions. If you require a crew larger than
    5 team members, please contact us.

  • We can do Anything.

    No matter what you're looking to do, we can handle it.

You always receive everything we film.
  • (1) 720p (2) 1080p(3) Up to 500 GB of Data on a portable HDD. (4) 3 copies; TV Playable Discs (5) Up to 25 GB Data.


Winter Special - Total Price: $199

Your selection includes the following:

  • One Photographer - 2 hours
  • One HD / Broadcast quality camera
  • Online digital download within a few days
  • 15-minutes early arrival/setup time
  • Dedicated phone/email support
  • Everything we shoot
  • Up to 20 miles travel from Harrison, NY
  • Editing not included.
Video Examples
Most of my client video work is internal training or communication videos. Here are examples of the publicly available videos.